A short summary for our English speaking visitors

Welcome to our Web Site!

This is a privately run site in German. Its main focus is on research and development in the area of human awareness, dealing with such aspects as the history and definition of science, the role of emotions, mind-body relationship, the creation of meaning and sense, the rediscovery of traditional knowledge (both Western and Eastern), and the mathematics of George Spencer-Brown: the Laws of Form.
It features some of the insights we gained from our own work in this realm, some speculations about the evolutionary context we believe to be operating in, and some practical applications we offer for the individual interested in his/her own personal and spiritual development.

There are also three pages in English, featuring the "Laws of Form" and discussions on "Science of Consciousness" and "George Spencer Brown and the Laws of Form".

The rest of this site is divided into four parts:

Science and Research

introduces "Science of Consciousness". The basic idea of this novel approach is that the observer is not identical with the human body and is therefore free to observe any internal processes taking place in the space of a person's awareness. It is therefore possible to apply the original concepts of Descartes and Bacon, which constitute the fundaments of modern "objective" science, to all aspects of human consciousness. The mathematical rules governing this awareness space are the "Laws of Form" by George Spencer-Brown.

Personal Development

uses some of the findings from our research for practical applications in this area.

Spiritual Development

applies our findings in a similar way for a different objective.

There are also links to recommended other web sites. The most prominent offer is

Management Consulting

A Reality Check for you and your enterprise: Consulting, Coaching, Training and Organizational Development are available from the person who created "Science of Consciousness".

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